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CGI Repository

Find some helpful ressources here. You also find a list of tutorials we need for the course. The first tutorial is labeled as “mandatory”, means you need to follow it and show me your outcome. The second and third tutorial are labeled as “elective” – means you can choose freely, and use it as a basis for your own project. Of course you can also suggest alternatives, but please let me know what you are heading for…

Sci-FiGridDucky 3dGeoNodes, Animation, fx-PostIntermediateElective
Easy Abstract DesignDucky 3dParametric, Shader, Composition, CyclesIntermediateTutorial
Abstract EnvironmentDucky 3dShaderIntermediateTutorial
Rigid Body SimulationPoly FjordSimulation, AnimationIntermediateTutorial
Artistic TreesCritical GiantModifiers, ShaderIntermediateElective
Learn Lo Poly ModellingImphenziaLoPolyBeginnerTutorial (recommended)
Lo Poly SpaceshipImphenziaLoPolyBeginnerInfo
Complete Beginners GuideGrant AbbitBasics, UI, MaterialsBeginnerTutorial (recommended)
World Building in BelnderIan HubertWorld Building Lecture
Another spaceshipChipp WaltersShader, Greeble, DisplacementAdvancedTutorial
Neil Blevins Neil BlevinsArt Lessons, about visualisationInfo
Greeble TutorialJoey CarlinoGeoNodesIntermediateTutorial
Massive EnvironmentKev BingeGeoNodesAdvancedTutorial
Donut TutorialBlender GuruBasicsBeginnerTutorial
Create Any AnimalGrant AbbitLoPoly, Animation RiggingBeginnerTutorial
Beginner ModellingBlender GuruLoPoly, MaterialBeginnerTutorial (recommended)
Beeple lectureBeepleEverydaysLecture
01 Basic RecursionJoey CarlinoSnippetIntermediateTutorial
02 Basic Scatter Ryan King ArtSnippetIntermediateTutorial
Material BasicsBrandonMaterial NodesBeginnerTutorial
Texture CoordinatesErindaleTexture Coordinates ExplainesBeginnerTutorial

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