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ABB IRB 1600-x/1.45 6-Axis Robotic arm

Welcome the newest member in our machine fleet:

LOLA…….. – kindly sponsored by ABB1ClaimR_rgb300_10mm


IMG_0316photo by Daniel Prost

with a reach of 1.45 m and a payload of max. 8 kg it is the perfect size to get started with some research and experimentation! Students who think about integrating robotics into their master-thesis get in contact with Daniela and bring a proposal of what you would like to do and we see if we have the capacities to help you in the course of your studies with us at the IoA and DDPLAB.



To get familiar with our brand new family member we are having a kick-off workshop series this semester with students from each of the 3 architecture studios doing some HOT-(Wire)-Cutting…

… be continued

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