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The DDPLab of the IoA is co-hosting one of this year’s urban strategies summer schools

DSC_2638IMPRINTPROCESSES instructs to produce, calibrate, operate and hack their own 3D printers. Special attention is given to the individual printers´ behaviours. The summerschool relates experiments and their emergent physical manifestations with the material processes of the urban fabric, and has a twofold interest in processes. Transgressing the boundary between concept and production evokes a corresponding dialogue impacting on novel design methodologies. Authorship is not related to decisions on the level of phenomena and effects but rather engenders logic on the level of setting up contexts, codes and dynamic repetition.


During the first 10 days participants will build 3d printers, to then test the printers in their capacities for an urban decision-making game that is loosely modelled on Michael Sorkins´ city puzzle.

The workshop is partially based on the education given at the Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program and foresees construction guidance and software tutorials, individual artistic instructions, and theory session as well as particular inputs from invited experts.


Building portable 3D printer units, based on the Tantillus technology (see to setting up a temporary minifactory for collaboratively printing a city, while navigating degrees of control and tuning. Participating at Urban Strategies and the dieAngewandte events. Presentation and discussion of works.


The summerschool combines the speculative design methodology of the Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program with advanced production technologies elaborated at the DDPLAB of the Institute of Architecture


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