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Use one of the following template Files to produce the necessary GCode to run our CNC HotWire Cutter!

Each Definition comes with a 5.0 Rhinofile for setting up your geometry and a Grasshopper Definition to produce the GCode.
In case one of them or both are not self-explinatory to you, stop by the experimenal lab and talk them through with us.
This is not a mass production machine. If you want to work with it, please come and consult with us to check if it is possible to use the machine for your task(s) and how to set it up best.
If you are already familiar with the process or want to try things out bring your Rhinofiles and Grasshopper definitions with you, when stopping by.

For a PARALLEL CUT (same curve on both cutting planes) use this definition:

will be uploaded soon…



For a 2 CURVE CUT (2 individual curves with ideally the same amount of control points) use this definition:

[download id=”634″]

depending on your task, you might need to adapt the way the cutting points are generated…if this template doesn’t work for you, we might be able to help…stop by and ask.

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